You should make a video.

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If you haven’t noticed the pervasive use of of video in everyday culture you might be some kind of H.G. Wellsian time traveler. In which case welcome to the future! Take it slow, heat up some tea in that rectangular box in the kitchen and then let us explain who we are and what we can do for you.

Video is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. Whether you are a non profit hoping to increase funding, or mega business trying to reach new markets, video can help you accomplish your goals. So why us? There are many companies offering similar services to ours but there is only one Strongpaw Productions. Our specialty is crafting messages that are more than just information. We make content people actually WANT to watch. Viewer participation doesn't have to end with watching your video. Sharing is caring. Our last video had over 30,000 views which means a lot of people though it was worth passing along.

Meet Allen

Born and raised in Norridgewock, Maine, Allen Baldwin has been putting together films with independent flair and a DIY attitude for over a decade. After graduating from Bowdoin College, Allen moved to Portland, Maine to follow his interest in a filmmaking career. While getting experience as a freelancer on local productions, he also worked at a local video rental house, where he took advantage of the opportunity to study foreign, independent, and otherwise esoteric films.

After nearly a decade working at Catama Productions in South Portland, producing commercials and corporate videos, Allen started his own production company, Strongpaw Productions. Since then, Allen has been producing and directing quality videos, tv spots, and independent films for clients throughout Maine and beyond. From bears buying blueberries to hip hop videos about financial aid, Allen loves to create truly original works with voice and vision. Allen also runs several film festivals locally, including the 48 Hour Film Project, Damnationland, and the International Moustache Film Festival.

In addition to his passion for all things film related, Allen is an avid gardener, dog owner, home brewer, and basketball coach. He lives in a very full apartment on the West End of Portland with his wife Jennifer, his kids Nora and Malcolm, and two black labs.

Meet Charlotte

Grown from seed in Lisbon Falls, Maine, she spent her childhood chugging Moxie and illustrating her own short stories. She graduated from the same high school as Stephen King but never had a pet return from the dead.

With degrees in both photography and new media she enjoys tackling projects of all varieties. Though her greatest love is the motion picture her many mistresses include: still photography, sculpting, painting, and illustration. In mid 2013 Charlotte eagerly joined the Strongpaw Productions team shortly after completing her first short film.

She has one dog, and over forty houseplants almost all of which are still alive.

Please explore the rest of our site to see more of how Strongpaw Productions can bolster whatever you’re trying to do.