Revel in the process

At Strongpaw Productions we love what what we do. Part of the fun is that there is so much to do. We are equipped to handle every step of the process from inception to distribution.

Look. We have to be honest. One of our strongest selling points is that we are just fun folks to work with.

So it’s here that we meet up, talk about what you need, and make you like us. We are all about long term relationships.

This is where we begin making your video great.

Storyboards, moodboards, scripts, and treatments: the creative tools that ensure the message we craft for your brand is the right one. 

We cast and crew from all over New England and beyond, so we can get you the best folks for the job.

Then we make sure everyone knows where to go and when to be there. Because that’s when we get to…..

 ...the LIGHTS, CAMERA, and ACTION part. Depending on what is appropriate for your production, we can keep our team of shooting professionals lean and mean or bring a full crew.

No matter the size of your crew, though, we only work with the best folks around, because we take all this footage into….

...where all the pieces come together. We bought all the right ingredients. Time to make the cake.

Editing, color correction, animation, closed captioning, sound mixing, music. We have people for all this stuff. Because we know you want the best piece possible to go out to…...

Where do you need this to go? TV? The Web? DVD? The Moon?

We can handle any form of distribution needs you might have for your video. We will put it where you want us to put it. And lastly….

It’s important to us that once we’ve made a special connection with our clients that we maintain that relationship. If you’re happy we’re happy.

Our post project review gives us an opportunity to examine what what aspects really worked as well as celebrate our collective success.