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In Production Blog

YouTube Creator Playbook, Part 1: Analyze This!

YouTube recently released the most updated version of their Creator Playbook, and I am going to look at the playbook in depth and discuss a section of it in each of my next few posts.


Super Cool Video

This is just a great piece of viral video. It’s clever, beautiful, and clearly was meant to show off some of the highlights of Buenos Aires. It’s got tons of hits, and is clearly a successful web video.

Video Free Day

Today is a sick day. Not for me, but for my daughter. Thus, I am at home, taking care of my awesome daughter. There really is no better pleasure. It does leave me ancy, though, in moments of quietude. I am a guy who likes to be doing something. Still, it is nice to be away from video.

And yet I never am.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Okay, so I know this is not the most scintillating piece of web video I have posted on my blog. But it is extremely valuable information for anyone in my field. It is a video report by ComScore about the growth and future of web video.

How To Buy a Superbowl Ad without Paying Superbowl prices

Everybody watches the Superbowl. The classic adage of “I watch for the commercials” shows exactly how far branded entertainment has evolved. People usually fast-forward through TV spots on their DVR. But for one magical night in February, we all decide to give commercials a chance again.

Read the Book First

It’s a long title, I know. But it has come to my attention recently that there are these things called music videos. I vaguely remember such things, in the cobwebbery of my youth. They were songs with pictures that played a long with the songs. Turns out, they are back.

Long Time Listener, First Time Blogger

So here it is. My new website, in all it’s glory.