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In Production Blog

Where’d That Come From?

I have often wondered where I got my passion for filmmaking. Neither of my parents, though both genuinely artistic people, had any interest in movies beyond your average American. I began to dabble with movies in school, in the seventh grade, and I loved it. But why was I drawn to it?

Love Mix

We really love our clients but rather than expressing our love by writing what our married name would look like hundreds of times on our textbook, we decided to do the next best thing.

We made a mixtape.

Mortified Nation

I remember a time when I was not even remotely cool.  At the same time there was the secret wisdom that I had exceptional potential and I would some day release it in a shock and awe style attack on the unsuspecting public.

Bring Your Own Head Band

Water skimming snowmobiles, dusty pit parties, donkeys, and guerrilla roller rink takeovers.  Sounds like a good time right? Well, it is. The filmmakers of Wheel it Hard don’t have a lot but they do have fun.  When it comes to the less gratifying parts of making a movie, like pre-production and fund raising they kind of said ƒ@#% it.

Another 48 Hours

A talking trash can, a leprechaun in love, and a staple gun shot in the ear canal. These are just a couple highlights from 2013’s edition of the 48 Hour Film Project, a filmmaking marathon that happens every summer here in Portland. It’s part of a worldwide competition, where filmmakers are assigned a genre, a prop, a character, and a line of dialogue to work with for a whirlwind of weekend filmmaking.


“A heart shaped cloud missile shoots love sparkles all around. And everybody became friends.”

Shouldn’t more movies end like this? It should be mentioned that this line was written by a 4 year old. Not that it makes it any less amazing.

Rich in Love

People make movies in Maine, no really it does happen. There are Hollywood features like Cider House Rules and Message in a Bottle and then there are good movies made by locals. These films are often passion projects with budgets that wouldn’t cover a Hollywood picture’s coffee bill. One such recent film is The Hanover House.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Allen

People love lists. So here is a list of ten things you probably didn’t know about Allen.

Spoiler Alert: You may not want to read all the way to number 10.


  1. Was almost named Sven. Or Bjorn.

A Punk Mortgage

Underground and foreign music offer a vital departure from the pop scene saturating the radio. Indie films are fundamental in balancing an industry dominated by overproduced Hollywood blockbusters. Though variety is    the most valuable aspect of counter-culture, part of the fun has always been being in on the secret.

Oh, I thought you said Moustache

Where can a bird marry an architect? Estonia. At least, that’s what happens in Ada and Otto, a fantastic animated film from Estonian filmmaker Ulo Pikkov. Ada and Otto was recently screened as part of the 3rd Annual International Moustache Film Festival right here in little old Portland, Maine.


What would you put on a mixtape that could hold 64 million songs?

Probably, you could think of a couple ideas. Maybe you could come up with a thousand. I know I could. A million? I don’t think I could do that, but I am not sure if this is the kind of blog that musicphiles read. Maybe you can. If you can, that’s impressive. 

Howdy Doody

So I just got an update from eMarketer.com about research by Viacom that shows where people use their tablets the most. Of course, the most pertinent information is that people are more likely to use their tablets at home than they are out of the home.