TITANIC, SPIDERMAN, and Other Things That Will Rot Your Teeth: The American Blockbuster

When I told my wife I was going to write a blog post about blockbusters she said: “I thought they went out of business ages ago, I mean, who needs to rent a VHS anyway?”  This amusing miscommunication is symptomatic of our mutual disdain for Hollywood pictures. 

I Googled a list of top grossing films of all time and had to scroll down to number 6 before finding a movie I had seen. Number 1 was AVATAR; from what I can gather from the synopsis it’s the story of Native Americans in space. If we step away from the money and look at cultural impact JAWS tops most lists. Even a cinema snob like me has to admit JAWS is a great movie. They had it all covered: the story, the acting, the score, it all came together; but the success of JAWS brought forth the unholy birth of the franchise and that I can never forgive. The deterioration of Hollywood product seems to be growing exponentially. If they aren’t making a sequel than it’s a pale remake. Like if they throw enough star power against the screen they don’t need to bother with a plot. It’s enough to send a film lover into a crazed CECIL B. DEMENTED rant. 

But enough about what’s wrong. 

Everybody needs a little refined sugar in their life from time to time and the movie LUCY looks like it will be just my kind of  candy. I do love a good drug mule turned super-hero/villain story. The film stars Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman both generally involve themselves in decent projects. Luc Besson is directing and with a resume that includes LEON THE PROFESSIONAL, LA FEMME NIKITA, and THE MESSENGER, chances are pretty good this film is gonna involve a girl kicking a lot of ass.  

If you want to take a gamble and see if Hollywood did something right LUCY hits theaters July 25th, or if you want to take up the anti-blockbuster flag check out CECIL B. DEMENTED and watch what happens when a group of underground filmmakers take on the establishment with terrorism and begrudging celibacy. 




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