I Met the Man Behind the Curtain and He Was Making Whisky

Adventures in Portland Buy Local

I love Portland…hard, like carving our initials in a tree hard. Just when I didn’t think my crush on this city could swell past it’s already engorged state; this Portland Buy Local-Indie Biz Awards gig came across my desk.  

In the age of ever reaching corporate evil, Portland Buy Local’s mission to support locally owned independent business’  is easy to get behind. Once a year they take time to recognize the diverse institutions of our local business community by sponsoring the Indie Biz Awards. As part of this year’s awards presentation they decided to add a video element briefly profiling each of the 40+ nominees. This is one of those Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opportunities; my camera, my golden ticket to the behind the scenes ward of wonders. Not to brag or anything but I get around, and the eclectic, energetic, and youthful entrepreneurs keeping Portland hip as hell nonetheless blew my mind. I met a bunker based beer brewer, an army of artists, a host of culinary geniuses, and enough good Samaritans to crush a donkey. “Heck yeah I’ll try some” became my mantra. By the end of the week I was so stuffed with appreciation for these kids I had to loosen my belt a notch. So let’s get serious: Portland…girl I’m a put a ring on it.

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