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The Invisible Evil of Horror Film Music

EEE! EEE! EEE! EEE!…Ba Duhhhh.. Ba duhhhhhhhh. 

Fear is Good

We all have those things, moments and images, that will always be scary to us. Early encounters with the surreal and horrifying make us what we are as adults. The beginnings of fear, early fear, pre-fear, when you first realized that as a human being you are allowed to know that something wasn’t right. That stuff sticks with you.

Everyone Dies…but the Girl.

“Hey guys! Let’s have a teenage sex party in that abandoned murder house they built on that ancient Indian burial ground.”  As horror evolved as a genre, many writers relied so heavily on the same tired tropes they became almost rules of the game. The cast of characters and the order in which they die is a prime example.

Damnationland 2014

“I love horror films, and wouldn’t it be great if we had a Maine film showcase of horror films?" It might have been the PBR talking, but I think I said something like, “Get me the theater, and I will get you the films.”

Political Mix Tape

Nowhere does art meet politics with such regularity and with such varied results as in the world of music. To celebrate the upcoming media inundation that is the political season, I built a mixtape with some political songs for y’all. 

Let’s Get Weird - Political Underdogs Bite Back

We all know politicking ain’t cheap. Between the flag pins, hand sanitizer, and bumper stickers a candidate could go broke. 

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Charlotte

  1. She is ambidextrous.
  2. She hitchhiked to burning man.
  3. She never has, nor ever will see the movie Titanic.
  4. One of her ears has never been pierced.
  5. Her favorite smell is brand new rubber ball.

That’s Not Very Nice Aye

Oxymoron or not, Canadian Attack Ads are a Thing. Political season is upon us so I thought I would look into the effectiveness of attack ads vs. positive ones. It was a strange and winding road my research took me on. 

Not Guilty, Just Pleasure - My Secret Passion for Armageddon

What do you do with an astronaut suffering from space dementia? Wrap him up in duct tape until you get back to earth.

This is not just one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite films, Armageddon. It is, in fact, actual NASA protocol for dealing with sufferers of space dementia. Which I guess is a real thing. 

From Knuckle Dragging to Selfies - The Evolution of the Home Movie

There was a time when making a home movie meant loading a camera in the dark, mailing film off for development and seeing your end product for the first time only after setting up a projector against a drooping bed sheet.  At viewing parties you could watch as friends and relatives sped silently about the screen without context.

TITANIC, SPIDERMAN, and Other Things That Will Rot Your Teeth: The American Blockbuster

When I told my wife I was going to write a blog post about blockbusters she said: “I thought they went out of business ages ago, I mean, who needs to rent a VHS anyway?”  This amusing miscommunication is symptomatic of our mutual disdain for Hollywood pictures.